We're on a mission to help companies better operate and scale internationally

Companies are increasingly "default global" -- operating across borders earlier in their lifecycle and at greater scale. This decades long trend has highlighted the need for more advanced financial tools that can address the growing challenges in managing global financial operations. Finance and treasury teams routinely grapple with outdated tools, and have to resort to manual, labor-intensive processes that are costly and don't scale.

Enter Concourse.
Financial services, and the financial institutions that provide them, have evolved organically in each country and are usually purpose built for the available infrastructure and the demands of domestic companies. This is why you'll see realtime payments in some countries but not in others, and even worse -- international transfers still rely on a system setup in the 1970s that takes on average 3+ days to settle. Even when banks have a presence in multiple countries theres often little communication between the branches, leaving treasury teams to sometimes log into multiple bank portals from the same bank!
For the growing number of companies operating internationally this patchwork of financial institutions, payment rails, and financial standards can create massive inefficiencies and dramatically slow down operations. You don't need to look any further than the FX market -- simultaneously one of the largest and yet most opaque markets in the world.

Companies still don't have a seamless way to understand and control their global banking stack. They're stuck with countless manual processes that make it almost impossible to effectively manage their liquidity. Many don't even have a good understanding of how much this lack of information and efficiency costs them annually (spoiler: its billions of dollars).

Our mission at Concourse is to solve this problem for good. We marry the newest technical advances with a deep understanding of the mechanics of traditional financial infrastructure to offer a single system to manage liquidity globally, eliminate manual treasury processes, manage risk, and execute payments.

Supercharge your global treasury operations

Who we are

We're builders who have scaled global companies and seen first-hand the complexities that come with operating large-scale financial operations in multiple countries. We've experienced the pains of operating across borders, dealing with countless bank accounts, and suffering through manual reconciliations -- in short, we've been where you are, and are on a mission to eliminate these complexities and streamline operations for finance and treasury teams everywhere. We have experience starting companies, scaling them, and building products that have delighted thousands of companies globally.

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