We're on a mission to fundamentally change the way companies do finance.

At Concourse we believe that finance leaders and their teams continue to be underserved with the their current tools. The status quo has been the same for decades: teams are left implementing & paying expensive annual fees for narrow point solutions, or worse, scaling finance headcount to support growing operations manually. With new advances in AI we believe finance teams deserve more. They deserve tools that not only change the way they access information, but fundamentally alter the way they do work.

Finance is evolving.

Our mission at Concourse is to prove to finance teams that their lives actually can be improved through technology and automation. Our north star is to provide finance teams with a platform that can take on real work, preform real tasks, and give them the answers they need to operate efficiently.

To do this, we focus on removing the need for manual consolidation of financial data, eliminating tedious Excel models to preform analysis, and providing a unified access point for financial data coupled with a powerful GenAI copilot to simply do the work. This eliminates the need for point solutions across FP&A, accounting, treasury, and AP teams. We allow finance teams to stay lean and spend their time on value-added activities while Concourse does the work of a financial analyst, treasury analyst, junior account, or AP specialist. We're not just building another tool for workflow management or data visualization. We're providing real automation and consolidation across the finance team.

A different way to do finance.

Point solutions don't actually solve the problems finance teams face. Today, most tools only service a narrow use case (e.g. FP&A, treasury, AP, etc.) and functionality is limited to enabling a workflow or presenting a visualization. These tools lack centralized data and as a result can't do any actual "work." This means the FP&A team has a planning tool, the AP team has a billpay tool, the treasury team has a treasury management system, and so on. Teams are left with a bloated finance tech stack with expenseive tools that don't talk to each other.

We've seen this over and over again. Finance teams fail to gain the operational leverage these tools promise to deliver, and many times maintaining all these tools creates a whole new level of of complexity to manage. Teams default back to logging into multiple platforms and consolidating information and analysis via the lowest common denominator (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.). This leaves finance teams to deal with a Frankenstein finance stack cobbled together with various tools, data extracts, Google Sheets, and Excel models. Even smaller teams end up purchasing and maintaining multiple platforms for their different responsibilities despite the leaner nature of their structure.

We've seen this result in a "platform fatigue" as finance leaders have lost faith that finance tools can actually improve the way they do their jobs. At Concourse we've set out to change this and finally deliver on the promise of automation for finance teams.

Change the way your company does finance

Who we are

Our team has deep experience in scaling and operating large global finance teams. We've been where those teams are -- manually creating Excel models and doing the ad hoc analysis required to support company operations. We've purchased countless finance tools and implemented countless others. We understand how finance teams operate and are focused on helping them gain the clarity and automation we know they need.

We combine this subject matter expertise with strong technical experience building in and around both fintech and generative AI. Our team has built and scaled products that have impacted and delighted thousands of users at some of the largest companies in the world. Our focus on solving the problems that finance teams face is rooted in the belief that technology will change the way finance teams operate and the work they do on a daily basis.

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