Change the way
your company does finance.

Stop doing manual work. Centralize your financial data and let the Concourse Copilot do the work for you.

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A completely different way to do finance.

Concourse Copilot

Concourse Copilot changes the way you interact with your financial data and conduct operations.

You work with it the same way you work with the rest of your team: 

  • Ask ad hoc questions in natural language and get answers instantly
  • Generate charts and models on the fly
  • Preform tasks that would otherwise be done manually or with Excel

Let Concourse do the grunt work so you can focus on more important things.

Finance is evolving.
Stop doing things manually. Concourse does the work for you.

Treasury Management

Directly connect your banks and get a single point of visibility for bank data globally in realtime.

Concourse aggregates and normalizes your data to instantly create reports and dashboards.


Consume information from across your organization for improved planning and budgeting.

Concourse creates dynamic financial forecasts to more easily project business performance.


Consolidate data from your ERP, HRIS, CRM, internal database, billing platform, and more in minutes.

Concourse centralizes and reconciles multiple data sources for a single source of truth.

Payments & FX

Execute transactions from your banks or using our embedded payments & FX capabilities.

Concourse orchestrates your payments for billpay, internal transfers & FX with centralized controls.

Native Integrations.
Any bank. Any Platform. Any data source.

Level up your finance team.
Improve the way the entire team operates.

Save money on
tools & headcount

Keep your finance team lean by leveraging Concourse to do the work for you.

Eliminate point solutions, and save on software fees, licenses, and seats.

Simplify your stack
& operations

Consolidate your financial stack with unified data through an all-in-one platform.

Answer questions faster, automate workflows, and perform fewer manual tasks.

Make better
decisions, faster

Get a more accurate picture of your financial data with a single source of truth.

Spend more time on value added tasks, and less time wrangling spreadsheets.

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1. Connect

Connect any financial data source including banks, ERPs, HRIS, databases and more.

Integrations with no engineering required.

2. Chat

Query your data in natural language. Generate charts, insights and reports in seconds.

Get answers to questions faster.

3. Work

Let the Concourse Copilot run your FP&A, treasury, accounting, and AP analyses.

Eliminate tedious manual tasks.

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