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Concourse Basics

How does Concourse work?

How does Concourse work? Concourse is an online marketplace for short-term space rentals, catering to creative entrepreneurs and companies. We connect Creatives geniuses to Suppliers with available space rentals. Creatives can search unique project solutions, message Suppliers directly, and easily book studio space online. Our Suppliers have the satisfaction of working with Creatives, supporting an artistic community, and generate alternative streams of revenue for their businesses. Becomes a Supplier and rent your studio space out to Creatives. For more information, email us at​

Who is Concourse for?

Concourse is open to anyone with available commercial or residential space for rent. Studio spaces, exhibitions spaces, retail spaces, and event spaces are all types of spaces that facilitate the creative process. Our Creative members make up a wide spectrum of creative disciplines, such as designers, artist, filmmakers, technologists, musicians, performers, event planners, and more.

What is a Supplier?

A Supplier is a Concourse member that lists and rents their space through the Concourse marketplace. Our Suppliers facilitate Creatives throughout the creative process, providing our Creatives with unique short-term rental spaces to make, exhibit and sell their works.

Do I need to register for an account?

Visitors can freely search spaces on the Concourse website. If you want to message Suppliers or rent space, you will be prompted to register for an account.

Supplier members are also required to register an account when listing a space to the Concourse marketplace. Your registered account allows Concourse to save your preferences, store your space listings, store your messages with other Concourse members, and manage your payment processing.

Is it free to list my space?

Yes, it's free to list your space. Some of our Suppliers pay an annual membership subscription for premium services. We offer Pro Supplier memberships for $9/mo., billed annually.

What countries do you support?

Our platform is open to users around the world. Concourse is a small start up business based in San Francisco. Currently, we prioritize support in the United States, Canada, and the UK. We do not yet offer 24/7 on call support, but we promise to call back on a need basis. For more information email us at or call us from 9am - 5pm (Mon. - Fri.) PST. Currently, Concourse only supports English.


How do I become a Supplier?

Becoming a Supplier is easy. Register for a free account on the Sign Up page to begin your studio listing.

For our premium services, visit our membership page. We offer paid memberships that scale with your business.

How will this effect my long-term letting?

Concourse understands that property managers want full-control over their property. You have the right to market your properties through your existing leasing channels. If you primarily want to lease your property long-term, Concourse provides property managers with tools for flexible letting in between long-term leases.

If your property is on the market for a long term tenant, we recommend including a relative break clause in any space use agreement you choose to offer your Creatives so that you can guarantee the start dates for your lease holder. We also recommend updating your listing property to inform Creatives of the dates you intend on letting your space for long-term in your studio listing.

How are processing fees charged to the Supplier?

When a Supplier accepts a booking request, the payment is transferred to the Supplier’s PayPal account, minus processing fees. Total Processing fees are approx. 7% of the total booking and are payed out to PayPal and Concourse simultaneously.

Concourse's processing fees are 4%. Paypal processing fees vary between countries. You can find out the exact payment processing fees here:

Suppliers from other countries and Suppliers who want to rent space internationally can see their fees by logging into their PayPal accounts and visiting “Transaction Fees and Domestic Payments." This final payment processing fee will be shown in the automatic receipt that is sent to the Supplier via email after the purchase.

Do Suppliers need a PayPal Business account?

Suppliers need a PayPal business account. This is required in order to process credit card payments from non-PayPal users. Not to worry, it’s quick and free of charge. If you don't have a business account, you can upgrading your existing account or creating a new PayPal Business account at no additional cost.

To upgrade to a PayPal business account, go to If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

What countries does PayPal support?

Payments in Concourse work in all the countries that are supported by PayPal. PayPal lists 202 countries and 25 supported currencies. If your country is on the list, you should be able to make purchases on Concourse. View Supported Countries

However, not all the listed countries above support receiving money, i.e. rental payments. If you want to be a Supplier, we suggest speaking with a PayPal representative to finding out if you can receive rental payments in your country.

Why are PayPal permissions needed?

Granting these permissions is the only way to accept payments on the Concourse platform.

In order to accept payments, Suppliers need to give Concourse and our third-party vendors permission to make the transaction process work. They are needed for two purposes:

1. To be able to transact payments between the Supplier and the Creative on the Creative’s behalf.

2. To be able to charge the Concourse’s Reservation Fee automatically from the Supplier’s PayPal account.

What are the required PayPal permissions?

Suppliers are required to grant the following six PayPal permissions: Express Checkout This is the payment system that Concourse uses to process transactions. It allows Creatives to book a space without a PayPal account, only using a credit card. Refund When a Creative needs a refund, Suppliers can issue refunds for a specific transaction. Giving refunds is not at this moment directly possible from the marketplace. The user needs to log in to their PayPal account to issue a refund. Authorize and capture PayPal transactions The transactions that take place on are initiated by the user. However, there is a secondary transaction for the Reservation Fee that is not manually initiated by the user, but rather our system. This is the feature that allows Concourse to charge a Booking Fee from the sales on the marketplace. Additionally, the transactions are captured and stored in the admin panel, so that the administrators of the marketplace can keep an overview of the transactions that take place on the Obtain information about a single transaction Sometimes, there can be a problem with a single transaction. We unfortunately cannot solve all problems, but by getting some basic information about the transactions, we are able to do some troubleshooting of potential payment problems without having to involve PayPal support. Additionally, information about the various individual transactions is stored in the admin panel's transaction overview. You will be able to see when the status of the transaction is updated, so you will know which transactions completed successfully and which did not. Additionally, having this information is necessary for the Concourse platform so that it knows once a transaction has been completed successfully. Charge an existing customer based on a prior transaction Concourse charges a Reservation Fee based on a booking payment that has taken place on the marketplace. Once a payment is successfully paid out to a Supplier’s PayPal account, a Reservation Fee is then charged and transferred to Concourse in a second transaction. Access PayPal contact information This is needed to let Concourse know which PayPal account is being used for the marketplace.

Does Concourse facilitate security deposits?

No, Concourse does not facilitate security deposits. Holding funds is currently not possible. The problem with holding funds (“escrow”) is that it is a heavily regulated activity in many countries and might require a license to do it. Paypal doesn’t offer this functionality, so we are not able to offer this feature yet. However, PayPal does offer purchase protection for Creatives and Suppliers.

For an alternative work-around, Suppliers can charge higher listing amounts and issue a partial refund at the end of a booking. However, this relies totally on the honesty of each Supplier. Also, you should be mindful that PayPal fees would apply over the total amount of the payment, including the refund.

How do I list my studio space?

Only Suppliers can create listings. To create a listing you must be logged in to your account. Click the “Post a New Listing” button in the main navigation, then enter your email credentials or sign in via Facebook if you are not already logged in. Next, you will immediately be prompted to choose a category for your property listing, followed by a series of questions that will help you fill out your listing

Can I select multiple categories for my listing?

At this time, you can only choose one category for your studio listing. If your studio has multiple uses, add this information in your listing description. When you create a listing, you must first select a category and subcategory that best represents your listing. These categories allow our Creatives to find your space quickly based on their preferences. Click on a “Category” to view all the subcategories within a category.

How do I price my studio space rental?

Suppliers have full control over space listings prices. Suppliers should consider, utility costs, processing fees, taxes, and any other costs before setting a listing price.

What should I put in my listing description?

Creatives want to know everything they can about your space. Describe your space, equipment, neighborhood, and any house rules in great detail. Specify your availability. Disclose any licenses or permits needed to occupy the space. Promote other services the you can provide.

How do I set up my payment system?

Concourse’s payment system is powered by PayPal, allowing Creatives to rent space from Suppliers. Creatives can pay with a PayPal account or by credit card.

To accept payments, Suppliers need to do three things:

1. Connect a PayPal business account. Paypal business accounts are required to process credit card payments from non-PayPal users.

2. Give permission to Concourse to charge a Reservation Fee.

3.Sign in to Paypal to configure your PayPal settings to accept payments in USD currency.

Suppliers can post new listings on Concourse before connecting to their Paypal account. If a Creative attempts to make a purchase before a Supplier connects their Paypal account, the Creative will receive a notification encouraging them to contact the Supplier about it.

If you don’t have a PayPal business account, upgrading an existing PayPal account is easy and free of charge. Go to If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name."

Note: Some countries might requires some extra verification with PayPal. Please visit PayPal support to learn more about the details related to such an upgrade in your local area.

How do I connect my PayPal Business account?

Suppliers must have a PayPal Business account. To connect your PayPal Business account:

1. Log In to your account

2. Click on your profile in the main navigation at the top of the webpage.

3.Click on Settings in the dropdown menu.

4.Click on Payments in the left sidebar menu.

Don’t have a PayPal Business account? Get PayPal Business Account

How do I accept a booking request?

To accept a booking request:

1. Go to your inbox. You can click on the mail icon in the main navigation at the top of the page.

2. Alternatively, you can click on your profile in the main menu and click “Messages” in the dropdown menu.

3. Click on a message from a Creative that has sent you a booking inquiry.

Click “Accept” to accept booking inquiry request. Note: Numbers next to your mail icon indicate the number of unread messages you have received. In your inbox, booking requests are unmarked. Messages without a booking request are marked as “Free Message.”

What kind of photos do I need for my listing?

Your photography should show off the best features about your space. We encourage our Suppliers to upload high resolution images, minimizing image blurriness. The ideal image ratio should be 3:2, for example 660px X 440px or 1500px X1000px. Concourse will automatically crop images that aren’t an ideal ratio size your images carousel. We suggest uploading landscape images vs. portrait images to avoid gray bars on the sides of images.

What condition should my space be in?

All spaces should be cleaned, kempt, and prepped before each Creative uses the space. We ask that you certify that your property is safe to operate in, obtain public liability insurance, and meet Concourse Standards. There should be no major leaks, repairs, or electrical faults that can harm a potential Creative. Any issues should be addressed before you rent your space. If a listed space becomes unfit for use, we ask that you temporarily hide your listing from public viewing until all technical issues are resolved.

Will bookings happen without my approval?

No, Suppliers remain in full control of their bookings.

Does Concourse keep track of booking reservations?

Concourse does not yet track accepted booking reservations. It is a feature that will be added, but we do not have an exact timetable yet. In the meantime, all Suppliers will need to keep track of their own reservations with Creatives.

How long do I have to respond to a request?

We recommend that you reply to all your booking requests promptly. Most Creatives expect to hear back from a Supplier within a day. A Supplier must accept a booking request within 3 days before it expires.

Your expedient response rate helps creatives move forward with their projects at a faster pace. If you can’t accept or decline a request right away, we suggest starting a conversation with your Creative to find out more information about their project.

Can I modify the price of a booking request once it has been sent?

If a Creative has sent a booking request, the Supplier cannot modify the price. To adjust the price, the Supplier must decline the original request. Then, the Supplier can adjust their listing price and ask the Creative to send a new booking request.

How do I charge additional service fees to a booking request?

Concourse does not yet have a feature to charge additional service fees to a booking request. If you want to include additional service fees to the total of a booking request, there is a work around. The Supplier can change a space listing price to include the rental and services. Then, a Creative can visit the updated listing and send a new booking request. Once the Supplier receives the booking request, the Supplier can change the listing price back to its original state. For assistance, contact

Who manages the space?

Suppliers are responsible for the care of their space, managing booking requests, booking reservations, and hosting their short-term Creative tenants. However, Concourse is always here to provide you with support. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll be there to help.

Do I need to pay taxes on space rental income?

Yes. Suppliers are responsible for paying taxes on the total income made renting their space on Concourse.


Should I account for set-up and take-down time in my booking request?

Yes, Suppliers require rent for the the total time you occupy a space. It’s important to include set-up and take-down time into your booking request, especially when Suppliers accept back to back bookings.

How do I send a booking request?

To book a space, you must first send a booking request to a Supplier. Select a space listing of your choice. Select the length of your booking request and click “Request to book.” Review your booking details and craft a message to the Supplier with some information about yourself, your project, and specific rental dates. Satisfied with your message, you will proceed to enter your payment information. Click “Pay” to complete your booking request.

You will be charged only if a Supplier accepts the booking request. A Supplier needs to accept the booking request within 3 days. If a Supplier declines or does not respond, no charge is made.

Is a booking request binding?

No, a booking request is not binding. A booking request is to let a Supplier know that you are interested in renting their space and confirm the availability of space.

How many booking requests can I send out at a time?

You can send multiple booking requests at a time, but we suggest waiting to hear back from one booking request before sending out an additional booking request. When one booking request is approved, the second booking request does not close or disappear. The second booking request remains open and the Supplier can still accept your booking request. This means you would have to contact the Supplier to cancel your second booking request before it is accepted.

How long will it take for the Supplier to respond?

The Supplier must accept your booking request in 3 days. If a Supplier declines a request or does not respond, you will not be charged.

Is there a maximum or minimum booking period?

Each Supplier operates differently from one another and has their own unique set of rules. Check a space listing description for details about maximum or minimum booking periods or contact a Supplier directly for additional information.

Can I adjust a booking request that I’ve sent?

No, Creatives cannot update a booking request. However, you can contact the Supplier to cancel your booking request, then submit a new booking request.

When is a booking confirmed?

A booking is confirmed once a booking request is accepted and the money (minus PayPal's payment processing fee) is transferred to the Supplier’s PayPal account. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction via email.

Do I need to be conscious of fraud?

While we are doing everything we can to create a secure marketplace, we need the support of our community to help us build a secure environment for our members. If you suspect any suspicious activity on the Concourse website, please contact us at immediately.

Should I keep all my conversations on the Concourse platform?

Yes, Concourse will never ask you to contact your Supplier off-site or through email. If someone messages you on Concourse and asks you to contact them off-site or to arrange payment details, don't respond, report it to us instead at

What forms of payment does Concourse accept?

Concourse renters can either pay with their credit card or using their PayPal account.The most common credit cards are accepted. To check what cards are allowed in your country:

1. Open this page.

2. Select your country from the dropdown menu.

3.Click anywhere on the page to make it refresh automatically.

4.The supported cards are listed on the page.

What is express checkout?

This is the payment system that Concourse uses to process transactions. It allows Creatives to pay without a PayPal account, only using a credit card.

Does Concourse support monthly automated payments?

Concourse does not support automatic payments at this time. If a Creative wants to book a space for 6 months. The Creative can agree to visit the Concourse website once a month and pay a one month installment each month. Or a Creatives can agree to pay for 6 months of rent upfront in a single payment.

Legals & Insurance

Do I need to insure my property?

Yes, and this is very important so be careful not to overlook it. In most cases you will also need to provide proof of your own public liability insurance policy.

Does Concourse offer insurance?

No. Concourse does not offer marketplace members rental insurance. We suggest our Marketplace users insure their space and equipment they make available to Creatives members.

Will my Creatives be insured?

Some tenants do not carry public liability insurance (including damage to 3rd party property), in the event that you require them to be insured please state when listing a space the amount you would like them to have.

Will Creatives be insured?

Some tenants do not carry public liability insurance (including damage to 3rd party property), in the event that you require them to be insured please state when listing a space the amount you would like them to have.

Do I need a Space Use Agreement?

Your Space Use Agreement is an agreement between a Creative and a Supplier that specifies the terms when using a space. This agreement includes rental dates, price, check-in and out times, conditions, and unique terms (if any) added by the Supplier.

Suppliers remain in full control over their properties. If you choose to rent your space without a Space Use Agreement, you do so at your own risk. The Space Use Agreement protects Suppliers, should something go wrong during a space rental.

Concourse is not a real estate broker, nor can Concourse provide advice for your commercial or residential letting. We recommend consulting with a professional real estate broker before listing your space. If your property is on the market for a long term tenant we recommend including in your License to Occupy a relative break clause so that you can guarantee the start dates for potential leaseholders.

My Account

How do I create an account?

There are two ways you can create an account. When you click “Sign Up” at the top of the webpage, you can either register an account with Concourse by submitting your email or Facebook credentials. To Sign Up with an email account:

1. Enter information in the required input fields.

2. Click “Create Account” to submit your information.

To Sign Up with your Facebook account:

1. Click “Sign up with Facebook”

2. You will be redirected to Facebook and prompt to allow

How do I respond to booking requests or message?

Both booking requests and messages can be found in your inbox. You can access your inbox by clicking on the envelope icon in the main navigation. A number over the envelope icon indicates the number of unread messages you have received. Additionally, you can access your inbox by clicking on your profile in the main navigation. Then, click “Messages” in the dropdown menu. Booking requests and Messages are displayed by date.

How do I modify my notifications?

1. Log In to your registered account. 2. Locate your account name at the top of the website. Your account name is the name you chose when you created an account with Concourse. 3. Select “Profile” in the dropdown menu. 4. Click on “Notifications” in the left navigation menu. 5. Modify your notification settings by using the option checkboxes. Click “Save Information” to save your updated settings.

Can I change my username?

No. At this time members can not change their username, a name used to register your membership account. You can modify your public profile name found in under Your Account Name>Profile Info. Change the “First Name” and “Last Name” input fields and click “Save Information” at the bottom of the page to save your updates.

How do I accept payments?

Suppliers can connect their PayPal accounts by: 1. Log In to your registered account.

2. Click your account name at the top of the webpage.

3. Select “Settings” in the dropdown menu.

4. Click “Payments” in the left sidebar navigation menu.

Note: Suppliers must have a Business account with PayPal.

How do I delete my account?

1. Log In to your registered account.

2. Locate your account name at the top of the website. Your account name is the name you chose when you created an account with Concourse.

3. Select “Profile” in the dropdown menu.

4. Click on “Account” in the left navigation menu.

5. Locate “Delete Account” and click “Permanently Delete my Account”

Please proceed with caution. When a user decides to delete their account, all of their personal information (such as name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, payout details etc.) are removed. All the listings created by the user will be removed as well.

Interactions with other users (such as conversations with other people, transactions, reviews given to others, comments, etc.) are NOT deleted. However, the username will no longer be displayed next to this content.

Can I recover my deleted account?

No. All personal content and all listings created will be deleted. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve your account information. However, your conversations with other people, reviews given, or comments made on the marketplace will NOT be deleted. This content will be viewable publicly, but your username will no longer be displayed.

Why can’t I delete my account?

A user can’t delete their account if they have pending transactions. As soon as all transactions are completed, the user account can be deleted. To ensure our users have enjoyable experiences, we encourage Suppliers to follow through with all booking reservations before deleting their account.

What happens if a member acts against our platform terms or the benefit of the community?

Concourse has strict policies to ensure its members have a safe and enjoyable experience. If a member against our platform terms or the benefit of the community, Concourse reserves the right to suspend an account or ban users from using our online marketplace.

If a member is suspended or banned, they immediately lose access to Concourse. They won't be able to open marketplace pages, perform transactions or contact other users. Their listings are closed and their ongoing transactions are suspended.

Concourse is building a safe community, so please treat each other kindly and fairly.

How do I opt out of cookies?

Concourse uses cookies to provide our users with the best browsing experience. We ask our users to grant us permission to use cookies. Concourse will not use cookies to improve your experience without your consent. If you do not want us to use cookies, simply, deny our request.

Are passwords secure?

We take security very seriously. passwords are secure. We make sure that all passwords within the Concourse marketplace are secured.